Happy Days Day Care

Case Study - Joan


Joan is an adult with learning disabilities who had been living with her friend Mary in a sheltered housing scheme for 18 years. Unfortunately in the autumn of 2014 Mary passed away and although Joan had a limited domiciliary care package in place she still felt isolated and anxious.

Joan’s Story

Initially Joan came to Happy Days for a free half day trial and immediately found an avenue for social interaction and befriending. With activities such as baking, arts and crafts, bingo, board games & jigsaws and hair & beauty Joan opted initially for 3 half day sessions before increasing her attendance to 2 full and 1 half day.

Joan enjoys arts and crafts, making several items for home which she treasures. She asked if Happy Days could help her with her understand of coinage which we did and Joan is well on the way to understanding the value of each denomination.

Joan also likes to be involved in all aspects of food preparation and baking within the centre and has developed key life skills as a consequence as well as enjoying the end results of her endeavours.


Over the course of several months Joan slowly developed a friendship network within the Happy Days environment as well as arranging visits to new friends outside of the facility. Joan now has structure within her day to day life which offers her the opportunity to meet new friends and develop new skills.

Asked how she felt about Happy Days, Joan replied “I give it 5 out of 5, always a good day out at Happy Days”


  • Joan feels much less isolated now and continues to develop her friendship network.
  • Joan is continually developing new life skills.
“I give it 5 out of 5, always a good day out at Happy Days”
5 Stars